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If you are reading this on the, then you are seeing an example of a blog in action. A blog (web log) is nothing more than a growing repository of ideas, thoughts and information as presented in a website. Most blogs share a general format organized by topic and chronology. Subject matter is unlimited and many use blogs as a means to share their life and their thoughts with friends, family and the world.

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Custom Quotes

Custom Quote

Our site is built around our instant book quote application that was designed to deliver a price estimate on what we have found to be the most commonly used options. Our primary goal was to make the quote form as easy to use as possible. In doing so it was necessary to reduce the number of available options in most categories, but only for the instant online quote.

Beyond, Colorwise Printing is a full service commercial printer that is able to provide a custom quote and accommodate your unique production requirements.

If your book’s specification fall outside of the options that you find online, we encourage you to still use the site for ballpark estimating. Once you have a good idea of your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us directly to request your custom quote.


Online Customer Service

Customer Service for Book Printing

Online ordering promises the streamlined delivery of products and in many cases it does. And then again, sometimes it doesn’t.

Take the case of computer software. A product that can be ordered, paid for and delivered online. It seems like software would be the prime example of efficient, hassle free purchasing. Until of course something goes wrong. Although I’ve ordered and received programs this way for many years now, the process is far from perfect. Just this week I ordered a product from the worlds largest software company. Low and behold, there was a problem with the order. At the time of this post the problem has yet to be resolved.

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How Paper Affects Color


In printing we are often confronted with the problem of expectation versus reality. The color that you see on your monitor, your laser printer, your color proof, your press proof and the final printed product can look surprisingly different from one another. This is the reality. Of course the expectation is that they are all the same.

Reasons for these differences are many. RGB vs. CMYK. Inkjet vs. offset. Coated vs. uncoated. I could go on all day. So the printing process is not perfect and we’re going to have to do some work to arrive at pleasing color. But to start, we need to have a realistic expectation of the end result and an understanding of the limitations in the printing process.

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Multi-page Document Layout

Page Layout

When laying out a multi-page document such as a book or business cards its best to use a page layout program such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. Try to avoid using art programs like Adobe Illustrator (a vector based program) or Adobe Photoshop (a pixel based program). Here is why:

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Book Release by Anthony C. Radford


Book Title: Shoplifting, Lost Prevention, and Merchants (The New Generation)

Author: Anthony C. Radford

Publisher: Castleton Books, Inc.

Description: “Highly controversial, Intriguing, and raw one of the most detailed books available on sources of theft and “how shoplifters steal.”

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Best Book Press Release

Best Book Printing Press Release

As noted below, Best Book Printing was launched earlier this year and following on the heals of the website launch was our first press release. Here’s a link to the article:

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A Not So Simple (Marketing) Postcard

A Colorwise marketing postcard

Before you send a marketing postcard to print there are many things to consider before pulling the trigger:


Square mailers usually have higher postage rates than rectangular pieces, as they cannot be sorted automatically. There are also three main classes for mailers: true postcard size, letter and flat size. A true postcard can range from 3.5″x5″ to 4.25″x6″ and will have the most cost effective postage and sorting rates. Letter size mailers can range from 4″x6″ up to 6″x11.5″ and flat size mailers can go up to 12″x15″.

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Book Discounts and Pricing Info

Book Printing Prices

Colorwise has always focused on providing the best value in printing. And of course, the best customer service and top quality printing can sometimes require a small premium over a cut rate printer. The good news is that we can often match or beat our competition’s prices by remaining more efficient.

As with any business, we have our fast times and our slow times. We have regular production meetings to schedule upcoming work and plan our incoming jobs. Whenever we see that there may be a gap in scheduling, we do our best to fill it by offering deeper discounts and/or free shipping.

The bottom line is that we will do our best to let you know if we can save you additional money from your current quote. Of course it never hurts to call us up and ask if there’s anything more to be saved when you’re ready to move forward with a job.


Colorwise Launches New Site

Colorwise Launches Book Printing Site

Over a year in the making Colorwise is excited to announce it’s addition of bringing digital presses to accompany it’s already established commercial offset presses : Hybrid Printing. By printing the text pages of your book digitally you are able to receive the most economical price without compromising quality. However the covers are printed on our commercial presses leaving the headaches of de-lamination, cracking, paper curl, and overall quality a thing of the past.

Our quote form asks all of the necessary questions in order to provide an accurate and instant price. You can quickly change binding methods, size, and paper options to see what combination best fits into your budget. Should you have specifications that are not listed choose custom quote and request to receive an email quote and a Best Book Team representative will call you within 24 hours.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to making your book the Best Book!