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December 6th, 2013

New Business Card Printing Tech: MEAT!


by David Rogers


In addition to book printing, we also do a lot of business card printing here at Colorwise, and are proud to say that we can produce cards in just about any style you can think of. Need your business cards embossed? Not a problem. Gold foil stamped? We can handle it. Have a Patrick Bateman-style list of specifications? Also no problem.

However, there is a new way to print business cards that we unfortunately are not prepared to produce: business cards made of beef jerky. You read that correctly, the most delicious cards ever made – perhaps the only delicious cards ever made.

But if you do have a hankering for cards made of meat (and why wouldn’t you after learning they exist?), you can head over to the aptly named meatcards.com. The company currently uses a pay-what-you-want model, so the price of your business cards (and/or snack) is up to you.

It should be noted that technically there is no printing going on here. Not only does this make it easier to avoid eating ink, it also makes us feel a little more comfortable in not providing the service. Instead, your information is etched into the jerky via a laser. That previous sentence is one I never thought I’d type.