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Amazon Releases Top 10 Books of 2014 So Far


by David Rogers

Best of 2014 So Far

I guess the middle of the year is as good a time as any to start breaking out the best-of lists. Amazon Books Editors’ have just released their choices for the “Top 10 Best Books of the Year So Far.”

Interestingly, the number one spot on the list is a biography. “Updike,” the biography of writer John Updike by Adam Begley, took the top position on the list and it seems the editors over at Amazon knew this choice would be seen as unexpected.

“It’s never easy to narrow down our favorites, but after much debate and discussion, we’ve arrived at a list that will fit every customer’s summer reading agenda—whether you’re headed to the beach, traveling the world or enjoying a staycation,” said Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of Print and Kindle Books at Amazon.com, according to a press release. “Updike may seem like an unusual choice for our number one pick, but it’s poised to be one of the best biographies of 2014. It’s a candid, enthralling book that readers won’t be able to put down.”

Below is the list in full. You also can head over to the release site linked above to see the editors’ reasoning for each choice.

1. “Updike”
– Adam Begley

2. “The Book of Unknown Americans: A Novel”
– Cristina Henríquez

3. “Redeployment”
– Phil Klay

4. “Euphoria”
– Lily King

5. “No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State”
– Glenn Greenwald

6. “In Paradise: A Novel”
– Peter Matthiessen

7. “The Invention of Wings: A Novel”
– Sue Monk Kidd

8. “Red Rising”
– Pierce Brown

9. “Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller’s Tragic Quest for Primitive Art”
– Carl Hoffman

10. “Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children”
– Ransom Riggs



Book Release by C.F. Lawrenson



Book Title: In Search of The Great Wild Kawkins

Author: C.F. Lawrenson

Description: Some children have imaginary friends. Blaine, A five-year-old boy, believes in the existence of a very wild and colorful creature. He imagines himself as a great explorer/hunter, who will find this incredible creature in a far away land, capture him, and bring him home to the adoration of many people. Our hero discovers that his greatest reward is looking beyond the world as it is, but also learns that some things are better left in the environment they were meant to live in.



Book Release by Chris Solberg & Vince Meehan



Book Title: Hollywood Rock of Ages – The TRUE adventures of Cupkake & Vinnie Vegas

Authors: Chris Solberg & Vince Meehan

Description: This story is a chronicle of a very fun part of our lives. All these tales are true; for better or for worse. We have tried our best to adopt the credo that says, “Honesty is the best policy”. But then again, we’ve also paid a price for this policy. This book is a snapshot of truth, which exposes our human faults, frailties, fears and failures. And now, our life is literally an open page, I hope you enjoy the story!



Book Release by Robert J. LeClaire



Book Title: The Ring – Bobby’s Story

Author: Robert J. LeClaire

Description: The author’s memoir, a first book, depicts the events that took place in a one year time frame that changed his life. In a 1950’s small town Wisconsin setting, the author was orphaned. Revealing details of the events as they unfolded including a connection with Collegiate sports history. The Wisconsin Badger Boxing program was likened to football at Notre Dame. This story touches on the authors ties to the program and describes the events that led not only to the demise of the sport at Wisconsin, but to the abolishment of boxing as a collegiate sport. The event that brought down the sport also impacted on his family and future. Available on Amazon.



Book Release by James Davidson



Book Title: Vanishing Cochran

Author: James Davidson

Description: Vanishing Cochran is a collection of historical and recent photographs. The purpose of the book is to show how much, or how little the town of Cochran, GA has changed. The book contains 200+ images collected over the course of a year and a half. This project would not have been possible without the help of countless individuals who either brought in their old photographs, or called, emailed, and researched trying to help me uncover more photographs.



Book Release by Charles W Basso



Book Title: The Life of Charles W Basso

Author: Charles W Basso

Description: The Life of Charles W Basso is an autobiography of a great man, a devoted husband, a loyal member of the U.S. Navy, a good father and dear grandfather. This book will educate and inspire all that read it. It was a labor of love. We hope it will lead many others to write down their own histories, so that generations after may know and remember the times past.



Book Release by Debbie Garbers



Book Title: Point Well Taken, the Guide to Success with Needles & Threads

Author: Debbie Garbers

Description: Spiral bound for ease of use.



Book Release by Anthony C. Radford



Book Title: Shoplifting, Lost Prevention, and Merchants (The New Generation)

Author: Anthony C. Radford

Publisher: Castleton Books, Inc.

Description: “Highly controversial, Intriguing, and raw one of the most detailed books available on sources of theft and “how shoplifters steal.”