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Book Printing Review – Caleb Manci



I can’t thank you enough…

I can’t thank you enough for helping me out on the last step of this project for me. I really appreciate your patience as I tried to figure out cost per quantity.

Thanks again for having an experienced and courteous team. 

– Caleb Manci



From APF: So glad we got the chance to work with you Caleb!


Book Printing Review – Laurie Wiles



The book turned out fabulous…

This is an overdue thank you for all you and everyone at Advanced Print & Finishing did for the rush job. The book turned out fabulous – it was exactly what I had wanted and the quality of the work was beyond belief. 

– Laurie Wiles



From APF: Working with you was a pleasure Laurie and we look forward to working with you again soon!


Book Printing Review – Christina Weinhammer



…go with Advanced Print & Finishing

Anyone who wants their book printed should go with Advanced Print & Finishing.

– Christina Weihammer



From APF: Christina Weinhammer wrote a family history called “The Weinhammer Family Tree.” The book looks great and working with Christina was a wonderful experience!


Book Printing Review – Linda J. Tiezzi Waldera



Everyone LOVES the book…

Everyone LOVES the book. You were so accommodating and the final project is treasured by our family members. 

– Linda j. Tiezzi Waldera



From AP&F: Linda, thank you for your kind words. We are all glad that your book was so well received.


Book Printing Review – Della Nass



I’m very happy with the outcome…

The eagle has landed and looks absolutely beautiful!!!! I’m very happy with the outcome and so is my family. Thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

– Della Nass



From APF: It was a pleasure getting to work with Della on her book!


Book Printing Review – Jason Sobol



Your company has proven great…

Your company has proven great to work with. I will advertise your greatness on my project and forcefully persuade my art studio mates to use you as well. 

– Jason Sobol


Front cover of The Art of Jason Sobol


From APF: We got to work with the great artist Jason Sobol on his book, “The Art of Sobol.”

Visit Jason’s website to learn more, and while you’re there you also can purchase a signed copy of Jason’s book!


Book Printing Review – Steve Conley



…books arrived and they look FANTASTIC!

The first batch of books arrived and they looks FANTASTIC! I am floored by the quality of the work AND how well-packed everything was too. 

I’m just thrilled! Thank you SOOOOO much! 🙂

– Steve Conley


Bloop by Steve Conley


From APF: It was great to work with Steve on his large format children’s book “Steve Conley’s Bloop: Part One.”


Book Printing Review – Kay Westberry



I feel like I know you as friends…

I feel like I know you as friends. Thanks for everything you did to make my book’s printing and binding outstanding. 

– Kay Westberry


Oak Grove Cemetery by Kay Westberry


From APF: Kay Westberry worked with us to print her book, “Oak Grove Cemetery: Quiet Reflections on the History of Saint Marys and It’s People.” It was a pleasure to work with Kay on her great book!


Book Printing Review – Bruce Hasenyager



…you made it educational and enjoyable.

Your Advanced Print & Finishing team not only made the work possible, you made it educational and enjoyable. Every member of the team I interacted with was friendly and helpful. You answered my questions thoroughly, sometimes even before I asked them. At every stage you turned around my questions and the production steps promptly and professionally. 

– Bruce Hasenyager


Hours and Days by Bruce Hasenyager


From APF: Bruce Hasenyager worked with us on his book “Hours and Days,” and we’re so glad he was pleased with the end result!


Book Printing Review – Rick Riley



…my labor of love presented so well.

You do wonderful work. I have been writing for a number of years but this is the first time I’ve put my work into print.

It’s nice to see my labor of love presented so well. Thanks for the expertise and guidance.

– Rick Riley



From APF: We printed Rick Riley’s book of poetry “Love” — thanks for the kind words!