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Book Binding Services: The Best Method for Your Project


by David Rogers

An old saying informs us we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we all know that we do it anyway. So authors certainly pay attention to the visual presentation of their books, and one of the choices that greatly influences that look is the binding method. Making the best choice between different methods means considering a few factors — some aesthetic and some practical.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for the different types of book binding services we offer here at Advanced Print & Finishing, as well as examples of book types that commonly utilize each method. The great thing about working with Advanced Print & Finishing is you never have to worry about the technical details of the layout you choose. Our printing services cover the heavy lifting of pagination and imposition, and your customer service team will guide your through the process and help you make the best choice to suit your book.

You can find all of these different methods as available options over on our quote page, which you can use to get the ball rolling on printing a book of your own!



How Paper Affects Color



In printing we are often confronted with the problem of expectation versus reality. The color that you see on your monitor, your laser printer, your color proof, your press proof and the final printed product can look surprisingly different from one another. This is the reality. Of course the expectation is that they are all the same.

Reasons for these differences are many. RGB vs. CMYK. Inkjet vs. offset. Coated vs. uncoated. I could go on all day. So the printing process is not perfect and we’re going to have to do some work to arrive at pleasing color. But to start, we need to have a realistic expectation of the end result and an understanding of the limitations in the printing process.



Multi-page Document Layout


Page Layout

When laying out a multi-page document such as a book or business cards its best to use a page layout program such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. Try to avoid using art programs like Adobe Illustrator (a vector based program) or Adobe Photoshop (a pixel based program). Here is why:



A Not So Simple (Marketing) Postcard


An Advanced Print & Finishing marketing postcard

Before you send a marketing postcard to print there are many things to consider before pulling the trigger:


Square mailers usually have higher postage rates than rectangular pieces, as they cannot be sorted automatically. There are also three main classes for mailers: true postcard size, letter and flat size. A true postcard can range from 3.5″x5″ to 4.25″x6″ and will have the most cost effective postage and sorting rates. Letter size mailers can range from 4″x6″ up to 6″x11.5″ and flat size mailers can go up to 12″x15″.