Book Printing Price Quote Samples

Below are examples of some common book printing quote requests that we receive. This will give you a general idea on how much you can save by going with

As always, our instant price quoting tool is available to dial in your specifications for a more exact quote. And if you don't find the options that you need there, feel free to contact us directly for a custom quote.

Sample 1: Paperback Novel

Number of Pages:  350 Finished Size:  5.5 x 8.5 Bindery Style:  Perfect Bound (soft cover) Outisde Cover:  Full color on 10 Point C1S with Lamination Inside Cover:  Blank Inside Pages:  Black & White on 60# Uncoated Text

100 = $1,207  |  500 = $3,100  |  1000 = $5,468


Sample 2: High School Year Book

Number of Pages:  150 Finished Size:  11 x 8.5 Bindery Style:  Case Wrapped (hard cover) Outisde Cover:  Full color with Gloss Lamination Inside Cover:  Blank Inside Pages:  Black & White on 80# Gloss Text

100 = $2,065  |  250 = $3,531  |  500 = $5,730


Sample 3: Cook Book

Number of Pages:  100 Finished Size:  9 x 12 Bindery Style:  Wire-O Outisde Cover:  Full color on 100# Gloss Cover with Lamination Inside Cover:  Full Color Inside Pages:  Full Color on 80# Gloss Text

100 = $1,821  |  500 = $6,202  |  1000 = $8,250


Sample 4: Children's Book

Number of Pages:  30 Finished Size:  8 x 8 Bindery Style:  Saddle Stitched Outisde Cover:  Full color on 100# Gloss Cover Inside Cover:  Full Color Inside Pages:  Full Color on 100# Gloss Text

500 = $2,174  |  2500 = $3,811  |  5000 = $5,679





Generally speaking, regardless of print method (offset or digital) there is still a certain amount of setup and waste associated with printing and binding books. This means that even though printing one book is less expensive than printing 1000 books, the price per book is significantly lower with the higher quantity.

Every author is different, and the way they go about printing their work reflects this. Some find it more important to maintain their exact specifications and increase quantity in order to arrive at a certain price per book. Others are more concerned about the total dollars spent and are more willing to choose a different binding style, book size or even the number of pages in order to increase the number of books they will receive while staying below a certain threshold. And then there's the price is no object publisher that looks to create a book so unique that it draws attention from 20 feet away. We try to provide the options that will allow everyone to reach their budget goals.


Our instant quote page is a great tool for project planning. Even before you start your manuscript, it can help to show how many pages at a certain size to target in order to stay within your printing budget. Also, with the number of binding options available, there may be some unique ways to draw attention to your title. For instance, a photographer may decide that a landscape style case wrapped book will provide a more interesting way of displaying her work, or an architecture buff may find that a portrait style wire-o book bound along the top edge will give his book about skyscrapers more room to stretch.

For all of the options that you have using our quote form, we understand that there are limitations. That's where our custom book printing quote comes in. Being a full service commercial printer, we are able to accommodate just about any requirement that you may have. Special binding methods, unlisted finished sizes, integration of black & white pages with color pages, custom embossed covers, fold out spreads and spot color printing are just a few things that we can provide. Please contact us directly if you have questions about your options or to request your custom quote.


The bottom line is that Advanced Print & Finishing offers our clients the best in book printing quotes with our instant quote form and custom quotes and offers the best in book printing prices with regular discounts, special offers and a very competitive standard rate.

Whatever your budget requirements are, Advanced Print & Finishing can offer suggestions on how best to meet your goals. Just email or call your customer service representative today.


The sample book printing prices above were taken directly from our instant quote form as of June 2009. As always, the prices are subject to change, however, price quotes received by customers via PDF are valid for 30 days.

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