All the hard work has paid off and your writing is complete! That means the hard part is over – you’ve got the experts at Advanced Print & Finishing to help you take care of book production!

In fact, there are now only four easy steps between you and a great finished product!

icon-image Step 1: Quote.

Advanced Print & Finishing has the most intuitive instant book quote form available. Take a few moments to fill out the specifications for your book and you’ll receive an immediate quote.

icon-image Step 2: Prepare.

Once you’ve received your quote and are ready to have your book printed, it’s time to send us your files. These will be tied directly to the specifications you entered in your quote, and our amazing customer service team will take it from there. For file preparation information, click the “Learn More” button below. Also check out our tips for file preparation from Chris, one of our prepress experts.

icon-image Step 3: Proof.

OK, we said we’d take it from here, but we do want you to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. So before your book goes to press, we will email you a PDF proof for to double check that everything is just right.

icon-image Step 4: Print.

After you’ve confirmed that the proofs are exactly what you want, we’ll start up the presses. Our own well-trained staff will take great care with your product throughout the process. In addition to printing, we also cut, collate, assemble and bind the books at our location, which means we maintain total quality control.